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My debut novel, Veil of Walls, was published by Black Rose Writing.  Working on my next book, The Color of Hope, also set in Iran.  If you are interested in spirituality, check out God Outside the Box, a spiritual journey of awakening.  True story.

Synopsis of Veil of Walls:

Anahita Sadeghi, a typical, happy-go-lucky American ten-year-old, was not too keen on traveling to the other side of the world to meet her father’s family. But her month-long vacation turns into a nightmare when her Persian relatives refuse to let her return to the States.  She is forced to deal with the dizzying maze of social customs, resist her grandmother’s efforts to mold her into the proper Persian girl, dodge her aunt’s schemes of marriage, and fight to make her own life choices until she can find a way to return home.  Longing for her friends and her freedom, only the enigma of her missing aunt, Scheherazade, gives Ana a glimmer of hope of one day escaping Iran for good.  Will Ana’s family marry her off and forever bind her to this country, or will she break free of Iran’s walls and find her way back to America?